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We offer an array of delicious pastries, smoothies and sodas! Our pastries are baked fresh by a local artisan baker, so supplies are limited and the menu is subject to change. 

Delicious strawberry and pistachio cake with a mascarpone cheese filling. Sprinkled with crushed pistachios and a topped with a fresh strawberry.

Flaky pastry sandwiched with a layer of espresso cream and sprinkled with a mix of sugar and ground espresso.

Homemade version of a childhood classic! Moist chocolate cake with a dollop of cream in the center covered in a rich chocolate shell. Also available in red velvet!

Delicious mini pie crust with a silky chocolate filling. Topped with whipped cream and a milk chocolate sliver.

Alternating layers of rich chocolate and graham cracker crust covered in a thick layer of caramelized marshmallow. Try it warmed!

Rich chocolate layered with a salted caramel cream topped with a decadent chocolate ganache and a drizzle of caramel.

Flaky pastry filled with spiced ground beef, hard boiled egg and olive.

We offer bagels between 8am and 2pm! Choice of plain, everything, onion or blueberry with either cream cheese or butter.

Our smoothies can be made either with dairy or vegan. Flavors can also be combined.

Fountain Soda: choice of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, or Orange Fanta


Handcrafted Soda or Cream Soda: flavored with your choice of syrup

Hoot Beer Float: root beer blended with vanilla and cream. Childhood favorite without the ice cream!


Turbo Coke: Coke served with a single shot of espresso

Bottles and Cans:

Water Bottle

Ginger Beer

San Pellegrino Fruit Beverages

Apple Juice

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